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Qualities Of A Well Designed Site

A superior website can enable you make booming sales online. It is the secret to successful ecommerce. An eye-catching website will attract more visitors to your site. It will also convert your site visitors to well paying site clients. You can boost numbers of visitors coming to your site simply by having catchy information on it. It will keep them glued on contents found on your web pages. Having them there consequently increases chances of them making a purchase. The following are guidelines on what makes a website tick.

A good website design should only include valuable content. Avoid allocating space for banner advertisements as these might irritate visitors. Clickable promos on the site can also drive visitors away fro your site. If you are using graphics, limit their use so that it makes the site light. This will allow for faster loading. If it is necessary that you use animations on your site, use them to the minimum. Avoid using flashy animations as these could compromise site users’ concentration.

Stick to being simple when creating a website. Have simple-to-follow navigation buttons on your web design to guide user. The idea behind this is to facilitate easy movement of users on your site. This will enable them stay focused on contents of the site rather than on tracing their way back to their original starting point. If your site is for commercial purposes, simple navigation buttons will allow shoppers locate products easily. This way they can compare prices and pay online without much hustle. This can immensely boost sales for you.

A good website design should not have too much audio embedded on it. Majority of site users are annoyed when audio files play as they navigate through site information. Besides, you cannot tell for sure what audio sounds appeal to users. It is better to play it safe and refrain from using audio sounds in your website. If it is necessary that you incorporate audio in your site, do research on the same. Find out what is generally audio files are generally suitable for embedding.

Avoid the use of fancy fonts for your key content. Fancy fonts compromise your readers’  concentration. Strive to use simple fonts that readers can easily understand. Take into account the font color too. It is always a good idea to use black on your font color with a white background. This contrast will enable visitors retrieve data easily. Avoid fancy background designs as they dilute concentration of users.

In your website design, have simple links. Make the links active at all times to facilitate navigation on the site. While at it, imagine that not all visitors to your site will be internet savvy. Strive therefore to provide simple navigation menus for their use. Add fresh information to your site at regular intervals. Remove stale information from it as this can make cost you online clients. After replacing old contents with fresh one, test your website. Do this test daily in order to identify errors.


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who had it first


Part I. 1-6. (all answers) Not necessarily
Part II 1-6 (No one correct answer for any question: questions too vague)
Part II question 7: Answer: Yes

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Lot of questions in one sentence!
– A "template" is a pre-designed website to which you have "just" to change the contents. Reserved to amateurs who do not have any graphic skills.
– "Web Development" is "making the design to work", that is CODING.
– "Site Design" or "Web Design": is an artist work to prepare a page/website, the way it will "look"… but does not work! You need the developer (above) to make it work.
– CMS: Content Management System. A kind of Integrated Development Environment that allows unskilled people to chancge the contents of their site themselves. Unfortunately, all CMS are written in complex languages such as Php, ASP, and require that knowledge to be used properly – which means that if you have the skills, you don't need them!!!
These CMS are often offered to "clients" as a website feature (so the client can update his website without the need of the coder. The problem? They are way TOO complex for the clients and are (nearly) never used by the client (or used the first month and then forgotten)
A waste of time, really!
A proper CMS is developped by professionals to fullfill the requirements of the client… and nothing else!
– e-commerce: many scripts available, but ALL too complex: they contain too many features that you do not need. Some of them are 20Meg in size, and the user only makes calls to a few functions. A HUGE overhead for nothing.
A proper e-commerce can be written in a few Kb of code by any professional (and that will be EXACTLY what the client needs).


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I’m a website designer, and I almost always use for finding good templates. Their templates are a fraction of the cost of template monster and the like, and in my opinion are far better looking in terms of design and eye candy.


You will find free Joomla templates on the Web. Joomla templates define visual style of the Web site, not functionality. Sharing videos is functionality which needs to be accomplished by installing an extension.

Video sharing extensions:
Free templates:

Good luck!


ANY flash editor will edit flash provided you have the default file or can de-compile the *.swf one.


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