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What Is The Importance Of Using Joomla Template To Develop A Web Page?

Developing a website using templates is very easy and efficient. The template you use depends on the nature of your online business. There is a wide range of templates that you can use to make a site attractive and presentable. Many website designers and developers prefer the use of template. An attractive site interest many browsers and readers. Templates make sites more friendly and interactive. Joomla template is not an exemption.

Joomla templates help in controlling content presentation. It is a series of content files used within Joomla content management system. The content is useful to web developers and designers. This content is very helpful when coming up with a new website. It provides web developers with relevant information making the work of developing a new web page easy. These templates are helpful to people who want to develop a website using Joomla content.

The content of Joomla template helps in developing incredible websites. The information in these templates helps web developers, use different styles when coming up with a new web page. You can post different images available on your site to make the page more attractive.

  • For you to draw more traffic it is necessary that you use an image that explains the nature of your business. You create an idea in reader’s mind of the services and goods they can get from your site.
  • You can use other Joomla content like style sheets to make your page more presentable. This helps in presenting information in different formats. This way you are able to post information in an orderly manner. Accessing information from your site becomes easy. Proper arrangement gives you humble time when it comes to reviewing your Joomla website.

Website owners prefer the use of Joomla template because it has wide range of benefits. Being able to come up with pleasant page is difficult if you have no idea of creating a web page.Knowing the right module that you can use on your site is very important. Each unit of information should be in different display from the rest. This helps readers to know where to get the relevant information and avoid wasting time. Your site becomes more orderly from one page to the other. Readers become more interested in accessing your site and posting information.

Numerous factors have contributed to the use of Joomla templates.

  1. Joomla templates enhance flexibility. Making changes from an existing site becomes more easy and efficient. Creating a new site may take long than expected. All you need to do sis to upload a new template to your site. It gives your page new look despite retaining the old content of the page. It is easy to use this service because the changes you make on one page changes the rest. This is applicable if you have created more than one page using the same template.
  2. It is easy to back up your content with this template. Once you download a single database the entire site changes. All you need to do is employ the necessary command to the application. This is quite helpful especially to those people who own numerous sites.
  3. Joomla templates give you an opportunity of accessing information from other sites. It provides you with additional links on your site where you can get more information.


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At first glance, this is a lot what I’m looking for. I have dabbled in HTML/web design recreationally but it’s been a while so something like this could work well.


Nice website templates, blog templates, wordpress templates, slider,PSD, JOOMLA, magento from 4$

The quiz templates were removed from CS4 for legal reasons (I don't know the
specifics beyond that). For the solution look here in my link below.Hope i was able to help a fellow programmer.

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Remember….when a client come see you for their website…they expect something different and unique from other people…..If someone is giving you short time, at that point, you may advice them that you will be taking a template…..Remember they r your client…and you need to keep them in your hand….


OWMX has W3C-compliant, CSS3 and HTML5 -based website templates with a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License. The site uses many HTML5 elements like doctype, header, nav, section, article, aside and footer. It is made only with HTML5 and CSS3 without any browser hacks.

It's good because it's very adaptable, can be made to look very attractive and does alot of things.


This is fantastic! I love this kind of tip: It has so many levels and possibilities of use! I get really sad when developers are down on new css stuff – you might not be able to implement it right here right now on every site, but this stuff is what makes web design fun

Programming isn't easy for an artist, it's virtually impossible. (Art is almost impossible for a programmer, so we're about even.)

Art requires a dominant right brain, programming requires a dominant left brain. The last person I can think of who had 2 dominant cerebral hemispheres is known for a little portrait he did – La Gianconda.

To make a website from a graphic, you use CSS to put the pieces where you want them, so start studying CSS, not Dreamweaver. A dynamic simple website? That's as easy as painting a portrait. Teach someone with no artistic ability to do that and I'll teach someone with no programming ability to write websites. Or team up with a good web developer, design the sites and let him develop them.

That's why there's both a horse and a jockey – neither one could win the race alone.


I think you've answered you own question. The Zilla is the controller I hear the most positive comments about.

I've actually got an ancient GE EV1 controller in my vehicle (a 1981 Jet Electra Van.) Not too efficient, but it's been very reliable.


You are just starting out so let me give you the most important advice. DO NOT charge $50 for a website. Maybe every now and then for a sale or something for some simple site. But do not make it your standard price. Web designers command $300 and up for small websites. Your hourly if you go that route should be between $30 and $50 per hour.

You should let the customer register their domain. Or if they have no clue about anything web related then offer to do it for them. You will also need Paypal for your payments. Another good merchant is Alert Pay which is similar to Paypal. Either way you need to verify the account in order to be legitimate and be able to get the money into your hands.


I've been a web developer for about 8 years. I've single-handedly designed everything from small sites to sites ranked among the top 30,000 on the Internet. During this time I've had a few occasions to work with code that another developer created and I was asked to maintain/update.

To be honest, unless the developer did a fairly decent job of commenting and/or documenting his code, it may take you so long to familiarize yourself with his methods that it will end up being easier, and BETTER in the long run to redesign the entire thing yourself.

However, depending on the budget your client has to work with and the size of the overall site, it might not be feasible to actually redesign the entire project. In this case, you're basically stuck tracing the execution path from start to finish to get a good handle on how things are done. You will probably find that whatever the developer does on one page, he will also do on the rest of his pages. So once you discover that initial method, the rest will go much faster and easier.

Judging by the small amount of code you posted, it looks like he's using an SQL creation function to save himself the trouble of having to write an SQL query for each form on the site. He's using a class object which must be instantiated based on whatever table is determined to be the relevant table for this query. That table appears to be defined at the top of the code of the various pages. I wish I could provide more detail, but there isn't enough code here for me to perform any deeper analysis.

Best of luck my friend!


Unfortunately this question is misclassified… special education is for people with learning differ-abilities or special needs. You might want to re-post this in the correct category of education. Good luck!

Well, you need to know HTML fairly well, and this person also used a photo-application like Photoshop to create the graphics. Other than that, you'll put HTML tables and div's to big use.


Most likely your template will have a footer file and it should be in there

You will see you won't get away with a price that low $300. Today you can go with a webhost domain at $12 or more, $50 is for a more industrial ready server if you need it.

What you are looking at isn't a flash template but a flash application which is a little more complex but not difficult. To control content you need to use dynamic side server code with a database to pull the data into xml format which is used with. You definitely need a database for your clients.

Why do you need a template if you won a web design competition, isn't that because you designed it or is template the new trend?


Just drag the video to the dreamvawer window

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